Fast Facts for Buying Lube Online

Whether you want to buy lube online for yourself and your toys or you and your partner, we have everything you need at Australia’s premier online adult store. When you buy lube online from us, you always get quality.

Quick examples of lube we can provide to you:

  • Amazing Encounter Hybrid G-Spot Lubricant.
  • Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Formula.
  • Desire Chocolate Kiss Flavoured Lubricant.

We have more than enough variation to suit any desire at Discreet.

Best Ways to Use Sex Lube

Here are some quick tips for using our range of lubricants for your sexual experiences:

  • Work lubricant into your sex life as a couple for increased intimate fun.
  • Remember to lubricate your relevant sex toys for maximum pleasure and comfort.
  • Lubricant is always a good option during masturbation.

Whether you’re alone or with your partner, sticking to the usual or trying something new, lubricant can always up the intensity of your experience.

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